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Glass Shop Reorganization/Clean-up Project 2017

Glass shop reorganization project 2017

Getting my glass shop reorganized and thoroughly cleaned, is something that has been on my mind for some time.  I also felt the need to declutter the accumulation unnecessary items that I no longer use or need.  I also wanted to work on making the layout better to improve my work flow, thus leading to hopefully being more creative.  So now is the time right after Christmas things slow down and I have time to focus on the task.Green glass shop, clean glass shop, new glass shop,

Within 4 days, I managed to consolidate the entire shop into about half the space that I was previously occupying.  Now even though the space is smaller, it feels like a whole new glass shop.  The glass shop layout and work flow seems vastly improved.  Being clean and organized just feels better.
Hopefully this completed task should help for the next task of redesigning the A3 glass shelfs, that hopefully will be available again for sale this summer.