Cool Glass Sinks


Cool Glass Sinks with some Pizazz! Also available in ultra clear, and pale green colors.



Cool Glass Sinks

Cool glass sinks, get a Clear Glass Sink with pizazz..! With a sea of clear glass sinks everywhere the eye can see, the difference is clear with a Brock Madison clear glass sink.

What makes the Clear Glass Sink so Cool?

Lets start with that beautiful cyan blue colored rim encircling the clear glass sink.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice fine subtle linear lines in the sink bowls interior.   Those fine lines give the sink bowl a subtle shimmering effect.  These fine lines also refract light and thus cast beautiful light and dark shadows onto your counter top.

Strip Glass Construction is what makes it different

Unlike all other clear glass sinks, the Brock Madison Clear buy Cool Glass Sink, is made with strips of clear glass.  The individual strips of glass are cut by hand, then stacked up vertically side by side, then its all melted together.  These vertically stacked strips are what gives the sink its linear qualities.


If those differences are not enough, know that this sink is carefully hand-crafted especially for you by a highly skilled craftsman named Brock Madison, who also etches his name on to the clear glass sinks surface.

More interesting facts

This Cool Glass Sinks, like other glass vessel sinks made by Brock, are all hand crafted. Brock uses no decals or paint, only 100% pure artisan made glass. The actual glass Brock uses in his projects, has been meticulously hand crafted by artisans at the Spectrum glass company in Seattle, Washington. These glass artisans employ centuries old techniques of gathering molten glass from a furnace and then ladling the glass into sheets. Brock Madison utilizes the glass sheets and creates these amazing one-of-kind works of art that will leave you in awe every time you use your glass sink. The glass sinks are durable, and easy to clean. They are decorative but functional to use daily.

vessel dimensions:


16″ x 5.5″

Drain hole diameter:

1.75″ with bevel

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