Countertop Glass Sink Bowl – Rock Study 1


The Rock Study countertop glass Sink , was created after returning from a deep canyon trek I made through the amazing rock formations of the Black Canyon.  Gneiss, the predominate rock, consist of beautiful bands of metal like shinny mica and colored quartz.    Inspired, the Rock Study was born.



Countertop glass sink bowl-Rock Study-1

The Rock Study 1 countertop glass sink bowl, was inspired by the amazing rock formations of the Black Canyon.  This countertop glass sink, is a unique combination of shiny and matte dichroic glass.  The glass is mostly opaque with only narrow threads of transparent color between the opaque bands. The wider blue seen in photo, is a transparent dichroic.

Functional Art

Like fine art that you can touch and use

100% pure artisan hand-made art glass

Unlike machine made “float” glass.  Art glass is made the old fashion way. By incorporating centuries old techniques of hand ladling or “gathering” molten glass from a fiery furnace.   The artisan pours the very hot glass on to a special table to form into sheets.  Utilizing these amazing hand-made glass sheets, Brock Madison creates these amazing one-of-kind works of art.


The glass sinks are durable, and easy to clean. Decorative but functional to use daily.

Shapes along with some of the color layout, will vary slightly from sink to sink.

Just like all original works of art, this Glass sink bowl is signed by the artist Brock Madison.

Made to order 

A lead-time of 2 to 3 weeks is usually required to process a sink order.  Please inquire


Diameter: available in 14 inch and 16 inch

height: 5 1/2″

drain hole diameter: 1 3/4″

bevel diameter: 2 1/4″

thickness 3/4″

Special Notes, the Rock Study Countertop glass sink bowl, is available in 3 color versions.  Version 1 (below) features reds, oranges & blues. Your own colors? INQUIRE



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

14 inch, 16 inch


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