Decorative Glass Fish Art for interior decoration

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Wall Hanging Decorative Glass Fish, are delightful shimmering glass interpretations of trout fish that can be seen swimming throughout Colorado’s lakes & rivers.  


Decorative Glass Fish Art

These wall hanging decorative glass fish art, are delightful shimmering glass interpretations of fish such as trout, that can be seen swimming throughout Colorado’s lakes & rivers.

These amazing wall hanging decorative glass fish, creates a beautiful decorative element for all your interior walls. With their unique shimmering reflective finish, the fish art, tend to pick up colors from around the room. The fishes lively sparkle is a result of a special glass that gives the body of the fish, a kaleidoscope of metal colors. These colors range from bronze, silvery golds and lavender.

Attention to details

In addition, Brock heats rods of colored glass cane, then manipulates them in a red hot flame to make up the fishes glass fins. A very realistic fish eye is created utilizing a specialty glass called dichroic, which creates depth and a nice luster. Combining the fishes unique attributes with a sculpted form, creates this amazing glass art for your walls!


Wall Hanging Decorative Glass Fish-Hanger

Your glass Fish will come equipped with a special 2 part wall hanger.  The first part comes pre-attached and permanently mounted to the back of the fish.  Simply mount the second part of the wall hanger to a wall.  Now, the glass fish can slide into the now mounted wall bracket.  

Wall Hanging Fish Art

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 9 x 3 in