Square Glass Sink

$1,550.0 $1,400.0

Square Glass Sink – available in 3 designer colors.  The Square Glass Sink will help make your bathroom remodel stand out from the sea of round, be different, be Square..!!


Square Glass Sink

Square Glass Sink, is a different approach to the round sink bowl that sits on the top of your bathrooms counter top. The square low profile design meshes nicely with many styles of bathroom interiors, such as modern and contemporary. The Glass Sinks, thick profile and polished edges are a solid one inch thick which adds durability.  The square glass sink thick walls also stands out as uniquely bold.  The thickness also catches light creating a nice glow.

Artisan-Crafted Sink

Because he Square Sink is artisan-crafted to order, it can be custom ordered any way you want.  Along with the color choices, it can be ordered bubble-free if wished. It also can be custom ordered in a different size, or even added textures. Please  Contact Brock Madison Glass for more information.

The Glass Sink comes in 3 colors, ICE which is cyan blue, Crystal Clear has no color and Natural, a pale green.

The Square Glass Sink listed here dimensions are: 17 inch square, with 3 inch at the mid point and 5.5 inches in the corner


Square Glass Sink