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Best Of Houzz 2017 Award

Best Award

 3rd year in a row.  

Award Winning Glass Sinks

best award, Colorful glass

Brock Madison’s is awarded Houzz Award again for 2017.  Brock Madison’s glass sinks are available to purchase in a couple of places other than my own website.   If you didn’t already know, Houzz is a website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement.  Great site to get ideas if you are thinking or planning on doing a remodel.

Shop Brock Madison’s Glass Bathroom Sinks here.


Award Winning Glass Sinks, Brock Madison in Golden, CO on Houzz

Brock Madison Glass 500 saves Award

Users on Houzz, have selected and saved over 500 images of Brock Madison Glass sinks selection to their idea books.

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Glass Fish Art, wall hanging, lamps

Glass Fish Art

Shimmering blue fish

I have been making these wall hanging glass fish art for the past 12 years.  I first thought they’d only be popular with fisherman, but they have turned out to be very popular with people who just like fish in general and fish art for decorations.  The glass fish tend to work in any room, but the most popular rooms have been kitchens and bathrooms.  Most of the glass fish feature a shimmering metal like body.  The reflective body allows the fish art to work in nicely with most interiors because they reflect colors in the room.  The shimmering glass fish have found their way into just about every kind of interior including modern lofts, rustic cabins and even sushi bars.

lighted glass fish for sushi bar
glass fish for sushi bar

                                                                                                                              Glass Fish Art unique shimmer

is a result of a specialty glass that changes when the atmosphere inside the kiln is reducing.  Iron oxides actually rise to the surface when the glass is exposed to the reduction atmosphere.  The process gives the glass fish art its nice shimmering look.


Fish Art Two-Part Hanger

The fish come equipted with a permanent hanger installed on the fishes backside.  Then it is a simple matter of installing the mating hanger to the wall, and then mounting the fish to it.  The fish stays level and can be removed easily for cleaning.

2-part-wall hanging fish hanger
2-part hanger

shimmering green glass fish, fish art, trout fish art, glass fish, cabin decor fish,




Wall Hanging Fish Art
2-part hanger can’t be seen when fish is mounted

For 2017 I plan to add some new fish art, like a Rainbow  Brook and Brown Trout.  I’ve also completed some commissions for other fish like some colorful tropical fish.  So I might try and add one of those too.   By the year end I’ll also come up with some other options for displaying them, for instance hanging in a window.Brown Trout Art Glass

So hang with me and hopefully you’ll see some new fish for this next year.



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Glass Shop Reorganization/Clean-up Project 2017

Glass shop reorganization project 2017

Getting my glass shop reorganized and thoroughly cleaned, is something that has been on my mind for some time.  I also felt the need to declutter the accumulation unnecessary items that I no longer use or need.  I also wanted to work on making the layout better to improve my work flow, thus leading to hopefully being more creative.  So now is the time right after Christmas things slow down and I have time to focus on the task.Green glass shop, clean glass shop, new glass shop,

Within 4 days, I managed to consolidate the entire shop into about half the space that I was previously occupying.  Now even though the space is smaller, it feels like a whole new glass shop.  The glass shop layout and work flow seems vastly improved.  Being clean and organized just feels better.
Hopefully this completed task should help for the next task of redesigning the A3 glass shelfs, that hopefully will be available again for sale this summer.
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New Style Flat Sink Rim

New Contemporary Rim style for glass sink bowls

Just A small design change that adds a “bold” and fresh new look to our line of glass sinks.  The new Contemporary Rim Style.

bathroom glass sinks, vessel sink, glass sink, glass sinks, glass bathroom sink, bathroom ideas,
Contemporary Sink Rim seen here above on the “ICE” series vessel sink

Get the new Contemporary Sink Rim profile now when you order a sink from Brock Madison. Instead of the common round rim styles seen in almost all glass sinks today, here at Brock Madison Glass Sinks, you have a choice.  Order your glass sink with the new “Contemporary Sink Rim” design.  This new rim profile is flat instead of round. 

Being flat, gives the a glass sink a bolder and more contemporary look.  See the Ice Series Vessel Sink, shown above and below.   Just A small design change that adds a fresh new look to the glass sink.  To achieve this unique look, we cut through the vessels side wall just under the lip or current rim of the sink.  After cutting, the resulting flat area, is ground and polished to a high gloss finish.  Once completed, the sink is visually thicker, and has a much more pronounced look.  The best thing is for the time being, you can add this Contemporary rim style for FREE.  Come take a look at our great selection of bathroom glass sinks and the new contemporary sink rim option


Ice Series Sink Vessel

Above, ICE sink vessels round rim has been cut-off, thus revealing the flat Contemporary Sink Rim hiding underneath.


glass bathroom sinks, bathroom sinks, glass sink, vessel sinks, bowl sink,
Sand Crystal vessel sink shown with the new “contemporary sink rim profile”

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