Custom Glass Sample

why you might need one

If you are considering purchasing something like a custom glass sink, a custom glass sample, helps ensure that the colors you are requesting will actually be what you are expecting.  

Just want to swap out a few colors?,..we often swap one or more colors for customers without needing any samples.

A custom glass sample may still be a good idea in order to see exactly how the colors will work in your home/bathroom.

fill out the inquiry form below

Include all the colors that you would wish your glass project to be in.  You are welcome to send color swatches/color samples to Brock Madison Glass.  Just mention this below and I’ll forward our mailing address.  As with all custom work, good communication is crucial.  Brock Madison may need to email you or even contact you by phone in order to get more information about your request.  The fee for the Custom Sample is $50.00 

What you’ll receive..

After we get all the color details and payment from you, Brock Madison Glass will then make a custom 4″ x 4″ glass sample per your instructions and mail it to you for approval.

Please note, matching paint colors, fabric, etc,  to glass colors will often not be an exact match.  In most cases, we can come pretty close though.

Complete Custom Work

If you just need some simple color swaps, there is no extra charge to do this.  A complete redesign including all colors, layout, size or shape would be considered “Custom” and thus will cost a little extra and need to be quoted.

  1. Fill out the inquiry form below with detailed information about your custom glass color request
  2. Purchase the sample $50.00
  3. Brock Madison Glass makes the glass sample and sends it to you for approval 
Custom Glass Sample
Example above of some of the transparent colors available to make a Custom Glass Sample



Example of customers tile sample and our Custom Glass Sample
Example of a customers tile sample ordered and our Custom Glass Sample made to match.  Sample was in request to having  a custom Rock Study sink made to match a bathroom glass tile backsplash. 


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