Brock Madison Glass – Glass Art Gallery

Welcome to the Glass Art Gallery.  Below is a sampling of images of custom art glass that has been created by Brock Madison.  Some nice interior bathroom remodeling photo’s incorporating our glass bathroom sinks.   Ideas on what the A3 glass shelves look like when back lighted with LEDs.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Fill out the Contact information and Brock will get back within 24 hours. 

Joie de Vivre sinks

glass sink, glass counter top ,

Two Joie de Vivres vessel sinks, the crowning jewels for this bathroom remodel.  The glass sinks are mounted to a custom made glass countertop that was designed to work with the flowing lines of the glass sink bowls.  Note the front edge on the glass countertop, a nice added effect was illuminating the glass it with a strip of LEDs mounted on the underside.

Two glass sink bowls installed on custom vanity and matching glass countertop


Sink Bowl Joie-de-Vivre
Joie-de-Vivre in Cherry Red
glass counter top sink
glass sink basin Joie De Vivre, Root Beer
Joie De Vivre, Root Beer color
custom sink vessels on glass countertop
Joie de Vivres on custom glass counter top

Rock Study glass sink vessels..

Rock Study Glass Vessel Sink, custom bathroom remodel
Nice interior decoration for this bathroom remodel in Castle Pines Colorado.  Heres an awesome photo of one of my Rock Study glass bathroom sinks mounted to a custom-made birch wood vanity.  Working with a interior design firm located here in Denver, I coordinated the colors of this vessel sink to work with the colors of the room.   A local cabinet maker was hired to make the unique custom vanity for the sink bowl to rest on.  
countertop glass sink bowl
RockStudy 1, the first sink of the series.  This glass sink is made up of both glossy and matte iridescent glasses.  Bronze, silvers, lavenders, blues, oranges, and red colors.
Custom glass sink vessel in purples,
Made this beauty for a client who wanted a variety of colors to go along with mostly purple. Seen here before drain hole was drilled




Nice custom black and white sink, note the depth and overlapping strips of black and whites.  This measures 17 inches by 6 inches tall 





glass sink basin


This RockStudy3 seen here in reddish-orange, was the result of custom matching a clients glass tile back splash.

Rock Study glass bathroom sink
RockStudy2, silvers, greens, lavenders, blues
Custom shaped glass sink
The client of this bold looking sink wanted a glass vessel to be both unique in shape as well as finish. Look for this shape in my regular lineup sometime soon!
closeup of custom shaped glass
Heres a closeup picture of the custom shaped glass vessel above
This is a custom made rectangle under-mount glass vessel sink. Customer provided their own  color samples of tile.  It is mostly whites, grays and a hint of lavender.   Cant wait to see the installation pictures of these two vessels. Client is planning on back lighting them with LEDs
Alternate view of custom under mount glass sinks
Here is an alternative view before shaping the rectangle under mounted glass sinks. Large hand pulled organic-like cane was made by manipulating, pulling, twisting the various colors together. Then all was cooled and arranged in a kiln and fired many times to achieve both the depth and thickness needed to form the vessels.











Cool glass sinks

Most glass sinks are made with sheets of flat glass that stacked and then fused together.  Here is another approach, cutting narrow strips of glass, then stacking them vertically.


clear glass sink




Example of the above strips of glass fused together, note the nice linear stripes.




Custom made glass Dorado for outside pool area
Here is a brightly Colored Dorado glass fish for a pool/fountain wall in Cabo San Lucus. Made a total of 5 fish

glass fish for pool wall installation

pool was glass fish
Tuna glass fish,
glass stingray fish
Glass stingray fish. Fish is completely flat, but made to look 3 dimensional

Tuna Glass Fish close up


glass Sconce's, lamps Cane Series Cane Series Sconces custom made

A unique pair of wall sconces custom-made for this bathroom remodel in Morrison Colorado.  The unusual decoration on these sconces seen here were made with “glass cane”.  Cane is a method of glass decoration that is created by twisting rods of hot melted colored glass together.  The creation of glass cane can become very complex and precise.  For these sconces, the design needed to be a more organic look, so the canes were purposely tapered, bent, and flattened, to achieve this organic feel.   



Vessel sink Aurora Iris,bathroom sink bowls, glass sink basin
Aurora Iris Glass Sink in steel blue

Aurora Iris seen here installed after a completed remodeled bathroom was finished in an Arvada, Colorado home. 

Aurora Iris vessel sink on granite vanity.  The Aurora Iris series of glass sinks, have a unique reflective look to them because of a technique employed to bring out metal oxides within the glass.  Each bowl comes out a little different due to the process of creating them, but then each is also a one-of-a-kind too.



counter top sink basin-aurora iris-steel blue 

Note the reflective metal like look of the glass.   The base glass color seen here is steel blue, which can still be seen when light isn’t reflecting from the sink bowls surface.  The sink is actually transparent, but when light falls upon the surface, it looks like a solid metal.  Because of this surface, the sink has a shimmering quality as light moves across the surface.  



The Square Glass Sink
Square Shaped glass sinks  Above, Sqaure glass sink in Cyan color for a different look than the traditional bowl shape. 




Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab
18″x 18″x 1.25″ RockStudy glass sink in square version


Custom multi color striped sink
This custom sink went with the black and white one above







Glass Sink Crystal Texture
Glass Sink Crystal, seen here a the traditional sized and proportioned glass sink of 5.5″ tall profile.  This sink bowl, and any of the other glass sinks found on this site, can be ordered in a lower profile.  See below example:

Cane Series Hanging Lamp

Glass ShelvesA3-Curves 24″  “ICE”color

custom glass pool cue holdercustom Pool cue holder

Custom-made Glass Pool Cue Rack installed. Morrison Colorado. 

Custom Glass Pool Cue Holder 1.25″ thick x 4.5″ x 17″ ICE colored glass.   Front of Glass Holder was custom molded to mimic customers chiseled granite counter tops.


Glass Slab, thick glass, glass counter top24″x 96″  Custom Glass Slab mounted on custom wood and metal table. LEDs illuminate the colorful glass 

Custom art glass vessel sinkCustom Glass Sink Basin, the Aurora Iris finish over olive green glass, then custom formed into a free-flowing shape. 

Custom Glass Vessel Sinks for Yacht art glass sinks, Custom Glass Sinks   Custom Glass Sink Bowl-installed on yacht glass vanity sink, art glass sink, glass sink, Aurora Iris-Lemon Yellow Aurora Iris Sink Vessel-Lemon YellowGlass Shelves paleAmber-A3Curve       24″ A3 Curve with Pale Amber color strip

decorative lighting, Custom Lighting

8 Custom Wall Sconces-Roswell, NM

Custom Glass Shelves

36″ Colorbar Glass Shelve-red,oranges

Glass ARt, Cool Custom glass shelves

24″ A3 Lightning glass shelf and LEDs

Glass Shelves-Custom LEDSA3 Curve Glass Shelve-Orange Strip Illuminated from behind with LEDs



Glass Shelve Colors

A strip of glass color is applied by fusing to the back of a clear A3 glass shelf, with enough light, the front of the glass shelf illuminates.  The glass art shelf needs very good lighting in order to illuminate the front edge.  The darker the color of glass, the less light that is transmitted through the glass shelve.  A strip of LEDs really work best and if you use RGB LEDs or LEDs that can change colors, your A3 glass art shelve(s) will have an infinite color range.  sparkling effect, similar to a crystal chandelier.



                                                                               Above, 36″ A3 Triangle with Blue Strip fused to the shelves back. The ICE colored shelves also show the color on the front edge of the A3 with most lighting conditions.

A3 A3- Lightning” Add some pizzaz! to your home bar with LED back lit A3 glass shelves

glass art , Bar Shelves and LEDs 

– A3 Glass Bar shelves, shown with white LED strip behind

glass art shelves, Custom glass colored shelveCustom A3 glass shelve 6″x 24″ installed over kitchen sink back lit LED strip