A3 Glass Shelves…sculpture for your walls

  • Sorry due to being redesigned, the A3 glass shelves are currently unavailable at this time.  A new improved version is scheduled to be available soon
A3 Shelf Colors
A3 Shelf Colors


Glass Shelves
A3 Glass Shelves….Sculpture for your walls

A3 Glass Shelves…sculpture for your walls

The A3 glass shelves, contain hundreds of small strips of hand cut glass.  Stacked together, the strips create a chiseled, but not sharp, look along the front edge.  Because the A3 shelves are so aesthetically pleasing, they can function purely as sculpture for your wall.  In addition, the chiseled edges also look great when illuminated with a strips of LEDs.

Dazzling Light Effect

Because the A3 glass shelves are made of strips of glass, each strip of glass on the front edge of the glass shelf is an individual sparkle of light.  Illuminating the shelves with a strip of LEDs, give the shelves a shimmering effect on their edges, similar to the sparkle of a fine crystal chandelier.

Easy to keep Clean

One side of the shelf the strips are slightly raised and the other side is smooth.  The raised texture of the glass is usually on the top of the shelf.  Also, because the raised texture also looks absolutely great up on top, and it also hides dust very well, making the chore of dusting and cleaning easy.

Hangers Included

All glass shelves come with a set of top of the line high quality wall brackets that clamp and lock the glass to the wall.  The brackets come in choice of Brushed Steel or Chrome finished.   The A3 Shelves, are perfect for adding spice to a bathroom, hallway, home bars, nook, kitchens, guest bathrooms, or offices!   Please note,

Glass Shelve illuminated with LEDs

Check out The ART GLASS GALLERY at Brock Madison Glass, for more photo’s of the A3 Glass shelves installed with LEDs.

The A3 glass shelves are available in 3 colors, 4 shapes, 2 sizes and priced as follows:

         3 colors  

  • Ultra-Clear
  • ICE
  • Natural

Below from left: Ultra Clear, ICE, Natural

A3 Shelf Colors

  • 4 shapes

  • Curve
  • Lightening 
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle   glass shelvesA3-Curveglass shelvesA3-Lightningglass shelfA3-Triangle glass shelvesA3- Rectangle

   1 size

  • 8″x 24″ x 3/4    

Sorry the A3 glass shelves are currently unavailable at this time.  We are hard at work on a new and improved version that will be available some time soon. 

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