Bathroom Sink-Aurora Iris Series


Bathroom sink bowl, Aurora Iris glass sink series available in 6 shimmering metallic colors.  A glass sink with true Wow factor.  The bathroom sinks are easy to keep clean, very durable and hand-crafted by glass artisan Brock Madison – Art for your Bathroom, “The Art In Washing Hands”



Bathroom Sink Aurora Iris

Brock Madison’s Bathroom Sink, Aurora Iris Series, is available to order in 6 transparent colors.  The transparent colors are each topped with a special silvery gold reflective surface that is absolutely gorgeous!  The reflective surface is only visible when light is reflected from it.  Therefore, the glass sinks sparkle as a result.  These Bathroom Sinks, the Aurora Iris Series, are quite unique and will leave you in awe every time you use your sink. We guarantee you’ll never see another glass bathroom sink like these ones. 

Unique Surface Finish Process

The unique reflective surface is the result of a special process referred to as reduction.  The Reduction occurs when the atmosphere inside the glass kiln is altered.  The result of this special atmosphere, is the creation of a beautiful shimmering metal like surface that the glass gains as metal oxides rise to the surface.  One of the unique features this glass sink has, is the ability to always look clean.  The dimpled metal surface, hides finger prints very well.  Just an occasional wipe with glass cleaner and towel, is all it takes to keep the Aurora Iris sink looking like new. In addition, the slightly dimpled texture catches light and adds a nice shimmering radiance.

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100% artisan made glass, or Art Glass as it is called.  Unlike machine made “float” glass.  Art glass is made the old fashion way. By incorporating centuries old techniques of hand ladling or “gathering” molten glass from a fiery furnace.   Once gathered the glass artisan pours the now liquid very hot glass on to a special table to form into sheets.  Utilizing these amazing hand-made glass sheets, Brock Madison creates these amazing one-of-kind works of art.

More interesting facts

The glass sinks are durable, and easy to clean. They are decorative but functional to use daily.

shapes and color layout will vary slightly from sink to sink, thus all are one-of-a-kind originals.

Just like all original works of art, this Glass sink bowl is signed by the artist Brock Madison.

Brock Madison bridges the gap between an ordinary bathroom sink to a glass sink that is Art for your bathroom..!!

Brock Madison’s glass sinks are not only beautiful works of art, but they are very durable too. The glass sinks are safe to use for common household water temperatures of up to 120 degrees. For questions, please contact Brock Madison Glass

Sink, signed by artisan.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 12 in

Steel Blue, Amethyst, Lemon Yellow, Topaz Blue, Medium Amber, Teal