Beverage Coasters “Tortoise Series”


Reminiscent of the shell that protects the turtle, these glass tortoise beverage coasters will protect your table with style.   4 glass coasters per set


Beverage Coasters “Tortoise Series”

These beverage coasters feature that classic tortoise shell look.   That shell that protects the turtle, now protect your table with style. Not only do these glass coasters do a good job at protecting your table, they will help make your favorite drink look even better.  

Protect with some style

The coasters come with clear rubber feet, which prevents coasters from sliding while also protecting your table. The 4 meticulously handcrafted coasters, are made with our recycled glass content.  All edges of each Tortoise coasters are unique in that no two will ever be identical.  To keep them looking their best,  just use any glass cleaner such as Spray Away foam to clean them.   Avoid stacking them face to face, or without the clear rubber feet separating each coaster.  

Size; Coasters measure approximately 4 x 4 inches.

We don’t have any other examples for color, but the Tortoise Series Coasters, if needed can be made in any color desired.  Please contact us about that or any other request.

  Request another color? 

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