Crystal Vessel Sink


Crystal Vessel Sink, is a great addition to all bathrooms that want a clear glass sink but one that also has some extrordinary pizzaz!

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Crystal Vessel Sink

Crystal Vessel Sink is an absolutely stunning and a fresh approach to the ordinary clear glass bathroom sink. Casting hot glass into a bed of coarse sand, creates the unique texture seen on the glass sink. The hot molten glass flows over and around the sand grains picking up their textures.   The results of the texture on the underside of the vessel, creates a stunning lustrous sparkle remeniscent to that of a fine crystal chandelier. 

Modern Style unique flat polished rim

In addition to the fine appealing texture, Crystal Vessel Sink, features a cool flat polished rim area around the sinks top.  This gives the glass sink a very greater visual impact that increases the sparkle effect. It also allows a unique view into the sinks interior. 

Choice of sink Height

The Crystal Vessel Sink, is available in 2 sink heights:                                 

4 inches                                                                                               5 1/2 inches

Measured from countertop to top of sinks rim.   

The glass bathroom sink with the low 4 inch sidewalls, gives it a low stealthy look.  The 5.5″ version is more like a traditional height glass vessel sink.  Both sink versions are amazing, see above pictures for examples.  

Crystal Vessel Sink with Color?

Your whole modern life style doesn’t need to be just black, white or gray, Crystal Vessel Sink, is also available in 5 transparent colors.  Other colors are available, please inquire.  If you would like to see an example of what the textured glass sink would look like in a certain color, please contact Brock Madison.   For a small fee, you can purchase a Custom Glass Sample, that will be sent to your home.  There is no additional charge for any transparent colors. 

Crystal Sink, is available as an over mounted/Drop-In and Under Mounted Style Variations

These two styles of glass sinks are made with a permanent glass flange at the top of the glass bowl.  The addition of the flange allows the glass sink to be set into or under the countertop.  These two styles work great with under lighting.  There is no extra charge for these other styles. Please inquire by contacting Brock Madison Glass.  

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Finished sink signed by Brock Madison

Dimensions:                                                                                        16 x 4 & 16 x 5.5″ (inches)

Shape: Round Bowl

Drain Hole: 1-3/4″ (fits standard 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ bath drain pipes)


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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 in

emerald/pale yellow/light purple /sky blue/Purple