Glass Basin Sink-Rock Study-3

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This version of the Rock Study 3 Glass Basin Sink Bowl, consists of transparent fiery reds, oranges and solid rainbow dichroic glass.  The inspiration for this glass basin sink, came after returning from a deep canyon trek Black Canyon.  Gneiss, the predominate rock, consist of beautiful bands of metal like shinny mica and colored quartz.


Glass Basin Sink-Rock Study 3

The Rock Study 3 Glass Basin Sink,  consists of transparent fiery reds, oranges and solid rainbow dichroic glass.  The inspiration for this glass basin sink, came after returning to the Black Canyon on another trip.    Like all canyons, depending on the time of day, the colors are so different.  In this case, I was there late in the day just before dusk and the colors were a blaze of stunning vibrant deep rich reds and oranges.  Inspired, the Rock Study glass 3 Bowl was born.   The Rock Study 3 Glass Basin Sink, is a unique combination of gloss and matte glass.  The sink is mostly opaque (not transparent) with thin threads of transparent color in-between the opaque bands.

This contemporary looking gem, is smooth to the touch, easy to clean and is made to withstand daily use.   Being that the sink is  3/4″ thick, gives it superior strength from occasional knocks or small items being accidentally dropped into it.  Along with the thickness, because of proper cooling (annealing), the glass vessel sink can handle water temperatures of 120 degrees with ease.  

Artisan Hand-Crafted

Going beyond the ordinary. Brock Madison Glass pushes the envelope of functional glass sinks that also have a fine art glass appeal.  When you purchase one of Brock’s glass sinks, you are receiving hand-made art that you can use and enjoy daily. Finished sink signed by artist


Like the canyon, the sink may appear dark and will need good lighting to bring out the colors.  Usually an adjacent window is great light for viewing during the day, but an overhead or a wall sconce works great for night time use. 

Although some sinks may be in stock, most glass sinks are made to order and require a lead time to process.  Please inquire

Installation and sizing information

The Rock Study Glass vessel sink, is signed by Brock Madison and equipped with a standard beveled drain hole diameter of 1 3/4″

The Rock Study dimensions are 16 inches diameter

16″ x 5 1/2″

drain hole diameter: 1 3/4″

bevel diameter: 2 1/4″

thickness 3/4″

Special Note, the Rock Study glass basin sink is available in 3 color versions and 2 shapes (round & square), see square Rock Study Sink, Version 3 (below) features iridescent reds and oranges.

Your own colors? INQUIRE

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Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 in