Glass Bathroom Sink-Rock Study-2

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On this particular day, the rain was falling in the canyon. On occasion, the sun would poke through revealing wet rock walls that seemed to be a glossy silver color.  With the contrasting blue and green colors of the river below, the Rock Study 2 was created. 


Glass Bathroom Sink-Rock Study 2

This version of the Rock Study glass bathroom sink, consists of wide bands of opaque shiny silver and glossy charcoal dichroic. Small thin threads of transparent greens, blues and purples lie between the large bands of dichroic glass.

 100% pure artisan handmade glass.

The Rock Study 2, is a unique combination of high gloss and satin matte glass.  The glass vessel sink is mostly opaque (not transparent) with thin threads of transparent color in-between the opaque bands. Glass bathroom sink, is smooth to the touch, easy to clean, withstands daily use.   Superior strength from occasional knocks or small items being accidentally dropped into it.  The glass vessel sink can handle common household water temperatures of 120 degrees with ease.  

Installing Art for your bathroom

 A work of fine art that you can use and enjoy daily.

Installation and size information

Glass Bathroom sink, comes with a standard beveled drain hole diameter of 1 3/4″ which accommodates standard bathroom drain sizes.

The Rock Study dimensions are 16 inches diameter (can also be ordered in 14″& 16″).

height: 5 1/2″

drain hole diameter: 1 3/4″

bevel diameter: 2 1/4″

thickness 3/4″

Special Note, the Rock Study glass bathroom sink is available in 3 color versions.  Version 2 (below) features silver, charcoal, greens, blues and purples. Your own colors? INQUIRE


Rock Study Glass Sink
The Art In Washing Hands


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 in