Glass Sink Basin – Joie De Vivre – Root Beer colored

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Glass Sink Basin Joie de Vivre, seen here in root beer, can be made in many other colors.


Glass Sink Basin Joie de Vivre

Indulge yourself zestfully in the art of living with this fine Brock Madison classic.  The unique look of the Joie De Vivre Glass Sink Basin, is created by skillfully drizzling molten glass streams of thin wispy lines onto the surface of the colored glass bowl. The glass vessel sink comes to life as the lines seemingly float and jump off the sinks colored background with metal colors ranging from silvery pale gold to bronze. This durable, beautiful and easy to clean glass bowl will add exuberant energy to your world.  This glass vessel sink Joie De Vivre in root beer, has a deep rich medium amber color.  The glass sink basin is transparent, however, if desired, any color and or opaque or transparent glass can be made.  Please see our gallery page for some other ideas.   “The Art In Washing Hands, Inquire for additional information


Handcrafted by Artisan Brock Madison

The thin wispy lines will vary slightly in design layout due to the nature of hand application.  Also because this glass sink basin is being made layer by layer, expect some small bubbles to be visible.  If you don’t see any bubbles in a glass sink on todays market, it is probably made by a machine over seas.  All of Brock’s glass sinks, start by hand cutting thin sheets of glass into circles, then stacking them on top of one another.  Sometimes the design is on the top like the Joie de Vivre sinks, Rock Study sink bowls, or in all the layers like the Colorful Glass Sink.  The glass sinks are fired many times in kilns until the desired results are acquired.

The finished glass vessel sink is signed and inspected by Brock Madison

“The Art In washing hands”

Vessel Dimensions:
16″+/- diameter
5.5″ counter to top of rim
Solid 3/4″ thickness for durability


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 in