Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab

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Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab, Make a bold statement with this glass bathroom sinks thick organic rock like surface design. Your bathroom remodel deserves the best. Customizable, Artisan Crafted


Inspiration for the Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab

Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab, was created for a former client that really liked our other Rock Study glass vessel sinks, but wanted us to make one for them that was square rather than round in shape.  After we worked together on creating something unique, we settled on the idea for a square sink that also was much thicker and would sit lower than a regular glass sink bowl, Voila..!  The final result was amazing!  Who would have thought that changing the shape and thickness would add so much?  So we decided to include this new design on our site so others can enjoy its amazing qualities and uniqueness.

Unique Super Thick Organic Rock like Design

The Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab, sits a little lower than most sink bowls, 4.5 inches to be exact.  The stunning organic rock like design rests on the upper surface of the glass slab.  This surface design is made up of a satin, matte, iridescent, silvery, and bronze glass that is opaque.  These elements are bordered by bands of colored transparent glass which allow colored light to pass through.

Form Follows Function, or..?

With its beautiful stylish form and stunning intricate design, the Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab may seem only fit for a art gallery or for display only, but fear not because form does follow function here, or as Frank Lloyd Wright would say, “form and function are one.”  The Square Glass Sink features a smooth overall surface making the chore of cleaning it surprisingly easy.  Additionally, the organic Rock Study design combined with a semi-satin matte surface does a great job of hiding finger prints. Fit for a glass gallery, but made for everyday user friendliness.   Does your special bathroom deserve this? After all the remodeling, why settle for less, get an artisan crafted glass sink that maybe 10 might ever be made instead of 10 thousand.

Like all the glass sinks on this site, the Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab, is entirely hand made by artisan Brock Madison and signed by the artist.  You won’t be receiving a sink that has been mass produced in some factory over sea’s.  In fact you will never probably see another sink like it,.. ever!  From start to finish, the sink is nurtured every step of the way. Every aspect is considered, from the time the sheets of glass are selected, to how they layer and fit together.   All the glass sinks at Brock Madison Glass, are made utilizing a specialty sheet glass that is formulated for glass fusing.  This sheet glass is available in a wide variety of colors of both opaque (opalescent) and transparent including special surface treatments, such as “dichroic” or Iridescent glass.


Square Glass Sink Rock Study Slab dimensions:

17×17 inches square

4.5 inches tall (countertop to saddle or mid section of vessel)


*Note, the size can be adjusted to order, so inquire


Brock Madison Glass Art Gallery


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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 12 in


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