Vessel Glass Sink-Prism, Super Amazing Glass Sink For Your Bathroom Remodel

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Vessel Glass Sink “Prism” introduces the “Wow” factor in bathroom remodels

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Vessel Glass Sink-Prism

Vessel glass sink Prism, was influenced by the effect of sunlight entering a prism and displaying the spectrum of visible colors.  The vessel glass sink incorporates a mixture of both transparent and opaque glass.  The transparent colored striations are alternated with strips of opaque iridescent glass, which give this glass bowl a shimmering radiance.

Counter Top Sink Bowl Installation

This “bowl” style of glass sink is meant to be installed on the top of the counter top or vanity.  If desired, the Prism glass vessel sink, can also be made as a drop-in or under mounted bathroom sink.  If you intend to back light your glass sink, these these last two options are the way togo.  Other wise, the glass bowl that sits on top of the counter top or vanity, is a stylish classic look that is very popular today.  

Durable Functional Art Glass Sinks for your bathroom 

The Vessel Glass Sink Prism, is made with thicker glass to withstand daily use.   In-fact this glass vessel sink is a whopping 3/4″ thick, which is much thicker than an ordinary glass sink.  This thick glass gives it superior strength from occasional knocks or small items being accidentally dropped into it.  Along with the thickness, the glass vessel sink can handle common household water temperatures of up to 120 degrees with ease.  The Prism glass sink is easy to keep clean and is a great compliment to most bathroom interiors.

Artisan Hand-Crafted

Like all of Brock Madison’s vessel glass sinks, the counter top glass sink bowl series are entirely handmade from start to finish.  Each glass vessel sink, starts out hand cutting specialty clear glass into circles. The flat circles are then stacked on top of each other, then loaded into a kiln and heated slowly to “full fusing” temperature.  At 1475 degrees, the glass melts together into a solid round of glass.  In the case of the “Prism” glass sink, the final design is worked out on top of this thick circle of clear glass.  

Brock Madison utilizes centuries old techniques of gathering molten glass from a furnace and then ladling the glass onto a metal table to form into sheets of glass.  These amazing one-of-kind works of art that will leave you in awe every time you use your glass sink.  Due to the nature of making these glass sinks, there might be very slight variations in both color and the design elements.

Finished vessel glass sink SIGNED BY BROCK MADISON

Vessel dimensions:  16″ diameter. x 5 1/2”, drain: 1 ¾”

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